Christian posttraumatic growth is scientific theory aligned with a biblical worldview. I’m calling it “Powerfully Healthy” and trusting God to lead the way. After all, my story is proof He already is.

– Lauren Anne Karl DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, MCHC

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Lauren anne karl

Lauren Anne Karl is a Doctor of Nursing Practice, board-certified family nurse practitioner and master certified health coach. Through teaching in nursing and health professions and her own personal experience of posttraumatic growth, Lauren has become a leader in the clinical health and wellness community. She is the founder of Powerfully Healthy, a local business in Fishers, Indiana dedicated to facilitating Christian posttraumatic growth and continued research in the field.

Lauren Anne Karl

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Amazing Grace (My Story)

Amazing Grace (My Story)

When I was in college, I was targeted by a religious cult, and my book is the true story of my posttraumatic growth. All I wanted was to know God and I found myself studying the Bible, but I was with a dangerous group that was teaching false doctrine. Over a seven...

Whose Theory Is Right?

Whose Theory Is Right?

There's a book that has me hooked (and it's not the Bible, though that Book definitely has me hooked). The book is called Posttraumatic Growth: Theory, Research, and Applications. You see, I've experienced posttraumatic growth (PTG). And I have a theory about PTG. I...

Three Hundred Words

Three Hundred Words

Dear Lord God, Please help me write three hundred words each day. Please help me write words that move hearts. In these three hundred words each day, help me grow into a faithful steward of the gifts You have given me. You are Beautiful, Lord God. Thank You. As I sit...

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