You and me, we’re alike.

I don’t actually know we’re alike, but I would guess you’ve experienced hard things. You know suffering. We all do in some capacity it seems.

You and me, we’ve never met. Or maybe we have. Still, your mind is hidden from me. Your thoughts are not in plain view. I cannot feel your emotions, and you cannot feel mine.

Misunderstandings are the worst.

Are you familiar with PTSD? Last I heard, there were pathways through secret doors for the pesticide toxic substance division of the preschool teacher study detention. PTSD times three, no joke.

I have a dream, that one day PTG will be as widely known as its counterpart.

PTG is posttraumatic growth.

Post trauma. After trauma. Psychological trauma. Growth after that.

You and me, let’s say we want to be the same. We both want to grow. Evaluating growth is tricky. How do you decide?

Tell me, have I grown?

You have experienced trauma, and you have grown. I have experienced trauma, and I have also grown. How do I know?

You and me, we have to agree on the concept of growth.

But, you’ve regressed.

Please, don’t be offended. I had it all wrong. Turns out, it’s not my opinion of you that you’ve regressed; it’s your opinion of me that I’ve regressed.

What’s more, is that we agree on the facts. We are at peace with the truth. We are no longer discussing opinions because we scientifically measured my return to a lesser state.

Growth, after all, is not linear.

Still, life is better because I have changed. My posttraumatic state felt like a headache without the pain. It’s not that way anymore. You’re better in some ways now too?

Then I must say, you and me, we’ve grown.


Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

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