When I was in college, I was targeted by a religious cult, and my book is the true story of my posttraumatic growth.

All I wanted was to know God and I found myself studying the Bible, but I was with a dangerous group that was teaching false doctrine. Over a seven year timeframe, I lost my family and I lost my identity through brainwashing and coercive control.

When I escaped, I had severe psychological trauma and still, I did not want to spend the rest of my life without God because humans had devastated my mental capacity for truth.

At the time, I was a world champion collegiate athlete and the feature baton twirler of the university marching band. And so I poured my Olympic-sized heart into self-help books and I was determined to fix my trauma myself.

There was one library book that gave me hope to continue pursuing love and God. And ultimately, a tragic experience in religious freedom devastated me, but my relationship with God is actually what ended up healing me (or saving me) and causing my posttraumatic growth.

Today, I’m thirty-four years old and I’m a Doctor of Nursing Practice with a substantial academic portfolio. And there is a group of researchers at the University of North Carolina Charlotte who have published a book for clinicians on facilitating posttraumatic growth.

The purpose is to help people in the aftermath of trauma not only recover but grow following their experiences.

My book is the Christian equivalent and aligns the scientific theory of posttraumatic growth with a biblical worldview.

I teach the practical application of love, and I have plans to certify clinicians in faith-based posttraumatic growth in preparation for application and research in clinical practice.

My relationship with God is everything to me, and I have never been better.

Photo by Nong Vang on Unsplash

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