Dear Lord God,

Please help me write three hundred words each day. Please help me write words that move hearts.

In these three hundred words each day, help me grow into a faithful steward of the gifts You have given me.

You are Beautiful, Lord God.

Thank You.

As I sit with all my inadequacy, help me remember these three hundred words are not about me.

Help me listen to You for all guidance and wisdom as I work here. I absolutely need You for everything.

I love You, God my Savior.

Thank You is not enough. It’s all I have.

I know that I am mortal. Yet as I am breathing with a beating heart, nimble fingers to type, and personal experiences of Your love, there is still time. You are giving me more time.

Please help me write what matters, and cause everything else to fall away from these three hundred words.

You are Good.

You are Love.

Lord God, we think we know what is good. We think we know what love really is. But we don’t naturally understand. We don’t accurately understand what is truly good and what love truly is.

You offer new mornings of hope and new evenings of peace. And three hundred words each day to be the essence of love.

I need You, God.

We all desperately need You.

Thank you for bringing my heart to life. For holding me so tight while everything seemingly shattered.

Your kindness is intended to lead us to repentance.

You are Kind, Lord God.

And I know we can trust You, always.

Love never fails. It never, ever ends. Your love continues on, unchanging and constant.

We have so many questions; help us trust and obey as You show the most excellent way.

Three hundred words.

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

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